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ring in a box A.

A. Environment with ring titled: "Autumnal"
18K gold and sterling ring, beach stone, mixed materials. $8000

ring in a boxB.

B. Environment with ring titled ''Portonovo'' -
18K yellow gold, platinum, diamond,with environment of mixed media. $6400
. Special order only.


C. Environment with earrings titled: ''Orecchini'' - 18K gold, platinum, sterling, diamonds, beach stones, mixed materials. $2000


Environment with pendant titled: ''Urbino'' - 18K gold, sterling siver, platinum, diamond, mixed materials. $1700


Brooch titled:''Pod''-18k yellow gold, fine silver, cast glass with environment of mixed media. $1800



Environment with pendant titled : ''Vite d' oro'' - 18K gold, mixed materials. $7000


white gold squiggle pendant G.

G. Environment with pendant titled:''Vite d' argento'' - sterling silver, mixed materials. $1900

Prices may vary dependent on market fluctuations in the cost of materials. Please call the store for prices.

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