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  "My work is highly personal wearable sculpture that is in conversation with
my emotional and preconscious self. I grapple, hammer and negotiate to
make the ideas and images, the bone, the metal, the wood, the stones, and
whatever other shiny objects join the fray, to construct a wearable totem or
body decoration. It¹s a compelling activity that¹s hard to match."
~Susan Chin

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                                    Wide Bands

A,B,D. Sausalito Bands. Original - Fine silver, copper/ sterling silver mokume, shakudoo, 18K gold, 22K gold, rainbow moonstone. $420

Also with moonstone and 2mm faceted stone. $460

C. Advanced Crown Ring. Fine silver, 18K gold, 22K gold, copper/ sterling silver mokume, semiprecious stone. $450

                                   Stacking Bands
Worn singley or in sets....fine silver, or 18K gold, contoured bands with 18K gold, 22K gold, and palladium/sterling silver or copper/sterling silver mokume designs...some with stones.

E. Crown Band. $310

F. Copper-X. $230

G. Oval Band. With 2mm colored stone, striped snake in back. $350

H. Turret Band. 18K gold, sterling silver, copper/silver mokume. $300

I. Oblong Stone Band. $280

J. Spotted Top Gable Band. Gold top with dots. $300

K. Dotted Pearl with Curl Earrings. 18K gold and pearls. $380

L. Pineapple Top Earrings. 18K gold and pearls. $500

Prices may vary dependent on market fluctuations in the cost of materials. Please call the store for prices.

See Susan's Resume

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